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Stay at Saathvik Homes

If you need a place for the night, we’ve got you covered! If you need a place for the next 3 or more months, we’ve got you covered! Make yourself at home with the warmth of a quaint, charming old property and the company of people who’ll make you feel like you’re finally back home!

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Society Turtle

For your Long-Term Stays

If you’re a wanderer looking for a long stay, we present to you the Society Turtle!

Society Turtle is a set of spacious, clean, and fully equipped stays built for the customers that are here to relish a peaceful way of living for months to come! They are affordable and convenient, making a perfect match not only for working professionals but also students who are on a journey of independent, yet economical living.


Comfy Hut

Studio Room for your Short-term Stays

If you’re looking for a single room to yourself and nothing more - we have for you, the Comfy Hut!

Comfy Hut is a private room within a 3BHK, equipped with all basic amenities like an attached bathroom, 3 single beds, a dressing mirror and wardrobe, bathroom essentials like toiletries and a hairdryer, hangers, an iron, a washing machine, and high-speed WiFi (70 MBPS)! So, you’re all set! But afraid you’re setting yourself up for some awkward encounters? Take a breather because we’ve got the room equipped with a private entrance too!


Cool Hut

A Private Apartment for your Short-term Stays

Cool Hut is a 2BHK private apartment, designed to give you and your companions a stay of luxury and comfort! It comes with a private entrance and is fully equipped with all you need to completely enjoy your stay - Air conditioning, bathroom essentials, microwave and oven, extra linen and pillows, high-speed WiFi, and a lot more! This apartment is ideal for friends and/or family traveling together, or just for friends wanting to host a night of song and dance! And when you’re exhausted from all the dancing, head over to Cool Hut’s Garden or Balcony, and let some fresh air back into your lungs!


Tranquil Paradise

Private Penthouse for your Short-Term Stays

Mo’ Friends, Mo’ Space! Check out our private penthouse, Tranquil Paradise

Tranquil Paradise is located on the 3rd floor of a standalone bungalow, stocked with all amenities you could possibly require - Air conditioning, high-speed WiFi, bathroom essentials, extra linen and pillows, and a dedicated workspace too! What’s more, you get a terrace garden all to yourself too! And of course, a private entrance as always!

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