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Our Brand Promie

At Saathvik Homes, we have a simple yet effective recipe for the art of Good Living and we don’t mind spilling the beans! Here’s our ingredient list (and our promise) to how we make your stay a memorable one:


Safety First!

All stays at Saathvik Homes prioritize safety and cleanliness first! We believe comfort begins with the feeling of security and serenity. So, worry not, your rooms and linens are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized! No compromises on cleanliness or your safety!

Covid-19 Precautions? Check!

Not only do we cleanse your spaces thoroughly, but we also sanitize surfaces and follow all safety regulations in lieu of Covid-19. Our staff practices a safe distance, regularly wears masks and wears gloves while sanitizing the space! Our disinfectants are also safe and ensure high safety standards.


The Good Living

At Saathvik Homes, we know how to make a space, more than just a space; to make it a home. We follow the simple rules of simplicity and resourcefulness! We provide you with a simple living space, with ample room, sunlight, and fresh air!  And don’t bother carrying half your kitchen, because we’ve got you covered. Find all you need to live life hassle-free!

Our Brand Promise: Benefits
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