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Society Turtle

For our Long-Term, to-be-family travelers!

Society Turtle is a set of spacious, clean, and fully equipped stay built for customers that are here to relish a peaceful way of living for months to come! They are affordable & convenient, making a perfect match not only for working professionals but also students who are on a journey of independent, yet economical living. 

We offer friendly rental contracts, with a 3-month Lock-in Period & a 1-month notice period!

We Offer Twin Sharing as well as a Private Room to choose from!

Twin Sharing: INR 8000/ month

Private Room: INR 13,500/ month

A refundable deposit worth one-month rent & the rent for the ongoing month are collected at the start of your stay

All overhead costs such as electricity, gas, water & WiFi bills are covered, leaving you with no additional costs or hidden charges!

At Society Turtle, you have access to:

1) A Wardrobe & Dressing Mirror 

2) An Oven, Stove & Refrigerator

3) Complete range of Kitchen Utensils

4) A Water Filter

5) A Washing Machine

6) Coffee Table & Bean-bags

7) Study Desk

8) Geysers

9) WiFi

10) Shoe Stand

Hygiene Services:

1) Regular Cleaning
2) Deep Cleaning the washrooms, every 10 Days

Nearest Metro: Rasoolpura Metro Station (450 meters/ 6-7 mins walk from Society Turtle) & Hyderabad Metro Rail Bhavan is 500 meters away!

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