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About Saathvik Homes

We know the importance of feeling truly comfortable in a space. To be able to breathe freely and wind all your springs down. To feel completely at home. With Saathvik Homes, that feeling - the pure bliss of finally having arrived home after a long day of battles - is what we aim to give our nomads every day! 

Saathvik Homes is a humble co-living venture that brings you the most homely and humble residential spaces for weary travelers and long-term visitors alike! 

And you know why we do it? We once left home, traveled far and wide only to find ourselves out of place and filled with a longing to rush back to the familiarity of home - been there, done that. So here we are, solving a problem we ourselves once faced, by bringing you the most comfortable and homely place you could have found in the hustle and bustle of a lively city like Hyderabad!

So, check yourself in at any of our humble, yet comfy abodes, and we’re sure you have a blissful experience coming your way!

Where can you find us?

Saathvik Homes is right where the action is: amidst the hubbub of Secundrabad!

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