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Saathvik Homes

A home away from home

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The Saathvik Experience

A wise man once said, his stay at Saathvik Homes was like staying at a “home away from home”! Okay fine, maybe he was a customer, we admit.  

But that doesn’t take away from the truth. We offer you a “once in a few weeks opportunity” to take a break; take a breather; in our comfortable, quaint, and homely stays, where we are responsible for your peace of mind. 

Our fully equipped, resourceful homes are meant to give you the ultimate experience of warmth, even on vacation! The spacious, minimalistic & simple setup contrasts and compliments the energy that the city brings to you from every nook and corner. While you explore the vibrant and energetic city of Hyderabad, we offer you a breath of fresh air and cooling grass to sink your bare toes into after a long day!

Because a Saathvik Experience is a pure experience: one filled with the sanctity and calmness of mother nature.

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Pricing Plans

Our Offers

INR 8000/ month

Society Turtle

If you’re a wanderer looking for a Long-Term stay, we present to you the Society Turtle! Click the link to learn more about the features & amenities of this spacious abode!

INR 999/ Night

Comfy Hut

Comfy Hut is a Private Studio room, for our Short-Term, pit-stop travelers! We offer discounts for customers staying for more than 7 days! Click the link to learn more! 

INR 2150/ Night

Cool Hut

Cool Hut is our Private Apartment, ideal for friends/family traveling together! Stay for a minimum of 3 Nights, and we'll promise you a better deal! Click the link to learn more

INR 3200/ Night

Tranquil Paradise

Get this spacious Penthouse all to yourself! It contains all amenities you need for a lively night with loved ones! Discounts start with a minimum of 3 nights! Click the link to learn more

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Our Brand Promise

At Saathvik Homes, we have a simple yet effective recipe for the art of Good Living and we don’t mind spilling the beans! Here’s our ingredient list (and our promise) to how we make your stay a memorable one:


Safety First!

All stays at Saathvik Homes prioritize safety and cleanliness first! We believe comfort begins with the feeling of security and serenity. So, worry not, your rooms and linens are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized! No compromises on cleanliness or your safety!

Covid-19 Precautions? Check!

Not only do we cleanse your spaces thoroughly, but we also sanitize surfaces and follow all safety regulations in lieu of Covid-19. Our staff practices a safe distance regularly wears masks and wears gloves while sanitizing the space! Our disinfectants are also safe and ensure high safety standards.


The Good Living

At Saathvik Homes, we know how to make a space, more than just a space; to make it a home. We follow the simple rules of simplicity and resourcefulness! We provide you with a simple living space, with ample room, sunlight, and fresh air!  And don’t bother carrying half your kitchen, because we’ve got you covered. Find all you need to live life hassle-free!

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